For the community

KKT continues to contribute to the development of the community and supports several significant initiatives, mainly directed at young people.


Each year, KKT supports the excellent students of TalTech Virumaa College with a grant.


KKT aims to reduce the environmental effect of production and for this purpose, several major investments into upgrading technologies and equipment have been made in recent years.

Employees of the company

KKT values its employees highly and cares for their safety and health. All employees of the company have joined the collective agreement.

In summer, the KKT employees and their families meet up for two days for the company’s summer outing at a scenic location in Estonia.

Local community

KKT collaborates with the rural municipality government of Lüganuse. Every year, KKT sponsors the Lüganuse Community Day and one of the most important events in the region, the PurFest festival dedicated to the Purtse river. KKT also sponsors several public events in Kiviõli, Sonda and Lüganuse and the company is additionally a long-time supporter of the Kiviõli Adventure Centre.

Young people

KKT sponsors the Kiviõli football club Irbis, where almost one hundred kids from Kiviõli, Aseri, Maidla and elsewhere train. KKT also supports the promising young runner Luna-Aleksandra Ladoga. The company helps to organise summer youth camps in Kiviõli.