For the environment

Kiviõli Keemiatööstus is a rapidly evolving company with long traditions and environmental awareness; our main activity is processing the most significant local mineral – oil shale – into shale oil. In the course of this history, the company’s production process has undergone significant development from tunnel ovens to modern oil production equipment.

In the case of shale oil production as an activity that consumes copious amounts of resources and energy and has a significant environmental impact, fruitful environmental management is paramount. Proper operation of the production process and environment and contamination monitoring with aimed mitigation measures prevent excessive environmental impact.

Environmental management

KKT makes daily efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. The company has developed and follows an environmental actions and investments plan.

KKT assesses the results of the environmental actions and investments pursuant to both voluntary and mandatory monitoring and measuring results. To reduce the environmental impact of the production process, the company collaborates with several stakeholders, agencies and partners.

KKT operates based on the requirements of the environmental permits and licenses issued to the company.

In 2018, we started using the brand new electrical filter installed on the solid heat carrier. The total investment price was 1.9 million euros. The aim of the electrical filter is to reduce the dust content in the smoke gas emitted from the oil production machine and improve the reliability of the solid heat carrier. Implementation of the electrical filter had a significant positive impact on improving the external air quality of the town of Kiviõli and the area surrounding the plant.