Safety information

KKT is a company with a category A major accident risk due to processing shale oil. The main risk factors in a company handling shale oil are a fire, a chemical accident or an explosion.

KKT cooperates with the Eastern Rescue Centre to ensure the necessary actions in the event of a major accident and reduce the consequences of a possible accident. The company takes all possible measures to avoid any accidents and, if necessary, acts pursuant to the emergency plan prepared in collaboration with the Rescue Board.

In the event of an emergency, Kiviõli Keemiatööstus will immediately inform the Rescue Board, the Environmental Board, the media as well as the general public via its website.

How to behave in the event of an accident

  • If you are outside, move away from the danger zone in a crosswind direction.
  • If you are indoors, close windows, doors and ventilation shafts to stop the poisonous smoke spread by the wind from entering the room; move out of indoor rooms in the danger zone.
  • If you are in a car, close the windows and doors, turn off ventilation.

Giving first aid

  • Inform the emergency centre by calling 112 or the dispatcher at 527 (+372 5553 3527).
  • If a person is suffering due to smoke inhalation, take them outside or to a room with clean air.
  • Lay the injured person down and observe their condition until help arrives.

Additional information on safety measures is available from the KKT working environment specialist at +372 5657 2514